Spanish Classes Quito

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“Una cerveza, por favor”

is not enough!

Spanish Classes in Quito

Quito spanish lessons

Join our fun Lessons!

Learn Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere, and from 1 to 1 or in small groups. We offer theory lessons and also practical excursions around the city.

Imagine learning spanish whilst exploring an area of interest…You will be with your teacher the whole time, using the practical everyday Spanish that you will need for travelling…


group lessons

Conversational tour


Theory Spanish Classes

immersive experience

If you are looking for an immersive environment where you can learn Spanish in Quito and fully immerse yourself in the language, this course is an ideal choice.

Classes include plenty of communicative activities, always fun and interactive, everything in a way so that you can leave the class and start talking with confidence!


We do not charge a registration/inscription fee

Prices include all materials

(just bring a notebook and pen)

Two hours one-to-one: $16

Two hours two students: $24 ($12 per person)

Special Promo!

10 hours Spanish Classes :

1 to 1 $50

2+ Students $35PP

our Quito spanish classes

a truly different lesson, a combination of:

Theory Classes

Held either on our beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking the Historic Old Town and surrounding volcanoes or in a quiet indoor study room.

Practical Excursions

Head out and visit your choice of many interesting places (art gallery, museum, church, markets, etc.) in and around Quito. Your teacher will help you to improve your spanish skills, and also you will have a chance to learn more about everyday life in Quito as well as about the customs and culture of Ecuador.

Quito Spanish Lessons: options

una cerveza, por favor!

We have different options in our classes, the most popular are classes per hour, with a cost of $8 per hour.

Or choose our 10-hour packages split it in 5 days.

At the spanish classes the teacher adapts to the needs and requests of every student, so if you only know how to order food in Spanish in one hour of class we can teach you some other words, as how to catch the bus without getting lost!