Salsa Classes!

Your hips don’t lie, and we don’t either-you need some FREE SALSA CLASSES!!!!

Come and enjoy our class!!

Dance like a board? We want you there.
Dance like Shakira? We want you there.
Dance like my grandma? We want you there.

Don’t be shy (sin vergüenza) come one, come all! We can’t wait to see you soon!

See you at out terrace at 6:30 pm! sign up with the receptionist

Hips don’t lie and we don’t either
Aimed at all people who wish to learn to dance in a social way and who also seek to keep fit, de-stress, find friends, etc. We have developed our own methodology based on movement, rhythm and body.

We have a pennsum for each dance genre. All this technical information together with the appropriate methodology and an environment of respect and cordiality, guarantee the learning and satisfaction of our students in a dynamic, entertaining and healthy way.

  •  Individual dance classes cost $12 per hour- Couples $7.5PP
  •  Or book 10 dance classes for only $ 100! Couples $75PP
  •  Group classes for $ 6 per person per hour (4 people minimum)