Free Stay/Tours

For many years we have been one of Ecuador’s most fun, friendly backpacker hostels. We have spectacular views from our rooftop terrace/restaurant/bar, making it a great place to volunteer, improve your Spanish, get to know the locals, meet loads of other fun travellers or just chill-out watching the sunset over the historic Old Town.

Are you a creative being travelling the world & looking to save some money on accommodation?

We work with Writers, English Teachers, Yoga teachers, designers, influencers, photographers, videographers, Vloggers, Bloggers & Seo Experts or people with hospitality or restaurant/Bar experience.

No cooking, cleaning, changing sheets or washing the pots and pans! We are not looking for volunteers to replace our paid Ecuadorian staff, but rather to complement them

If you are looking to arrange a stay in exchange for your talent, we want to hear from you.

If this is of interest to you then please get back to us with dates so we can look at slotting you in.

Please note, this will need to be pre-arranged by email. Please Include portafolio/Webpage, social media details, and youtube Channels ( or sell yourself with a good pitch)

Any further questions just ask.