The Secret Garden Quito is a small Australian/Ecuadorian/French family run hostal located in an historic colonial district overlooking the famous Quito Old Town. Our building is UNESCO World Heritage listed, located on a cobblestone street. Our neighbours are Ecuadorian families - not souvenir shops and travel agencies (although these are only a 20 minute walk or 5 minute bus journey away).
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Our guests often comment that The Secret Garden is so clean, safe, secure, friendly, conveniently located, good value, has great hot showers, super comfy mattresses etc etc - these things make a hostal good, but not great. So what`s the difference?

It`s our decision to not have a TV room in the hostal, our guests would rather relax watching the hummingbirds feed from the flowers on our terrace garden.

It`s our music, mosaics and murals (many created by our previous guests from all around the world).

It`s our hundreds of plants, including many herbs, fruits, veges and edible flowers which we use in our kitchen.

It`s our environmental initiatives such as urban organic gardening, composting, recycling, energy conservation etc etc

It`s our good food and good times - everyone shares breakfast and dinner together at one big table.

It`s our Aussie BBQ nights, Live Indigenous Music, Salsa Club nights (anyone for pool & karaoke?).

And finally we humbly confess to having the most breathtaking view of any hostal terrace in South America!!

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