Bus schedule

The Secret Garden helping you get to…

We have our own approved, secure taxis which we can arrange anytime 24/7. A taxi is obviously the fastest, easiest and safest way to travel, but public transport is cheaper – you choose (:

Take care with your belongings when using public transport anywhere in the world. You may be refused entry to the trams during peak hours (4 to 7pm) as there is no extra room for baggage Storage. 

Ofelia Terminal (for Mindo & Mitad del Mundo) $10  (30-40 minutes) by taxi or:

Walk to the Metrobus stop”Santa Prisca”,you can take any of them (25 cents), Ofelia station is the last stop and is an hour journey, from there you can take the buses either to Mitad del Mundo or to Mindo

Carcelén, North Terminal (for Otavalo, Tulcán and Colombian border) $10 (30-40 minutes) by taxi or:

Walk 5 min to the “trole”(tram) stop Hermano Miguel. Wait for a trole (25 cents) that says “Estación norte Labrador ” in the front of the window, that’s the last stop (approx. 40 mins). Get off the trole and straight in front of you go to the line/queue for “Kennedy/Carcelén”. You will then board a Bus (20c) for a 20 to 30 min journey that will leave you inside the terminal Carcelén

Quitumbe, South Terminal (for Latacunga*, Papallacta, Baños, Cuenca, jungle, or the coast) $10 (30-40 minutes) by taxi or:

Walk 5 min to the trole(tram) stop “Banco Central”. Wait for a trole that says “Quitumbe” in the front of the window – 25 cents for the 45 to 60 min Journey. Looking for a door to door, Safe, Flexible and fun HOP ON HOP OFF BUS? go to EcuadorHop.com : Comfy buses with Usb Chargers and Aircon/heating Systems.

Airport -$25 By taxi (most convenient) or

During daylight hours (cheapest)-Walk 5 min to the “Ecovía” tram stop “Simon Bolivar” Wait for a tram that says “Rio Coca” in the front of the window-25 cents for the 45 to 60 min journey. Get out at the Río Coca station, walk up the hill (just ask) and you’ll find the green buses going to the airport (approx. $2,50 for the 2hr bus ride).

*Shuttle to Cotopaxi every morning at 10am from the front door