We’re Back, Baby!!

For the first time since March, foreign backpackers started flying into Ecuador in early July. A huge
THANK YOU to the guests who are staying with us now, and to those arriving shortly. For more
details on current entry/self-isolation/covid-related requirements, click HERE.

current covid situation
Last updated: 10 th July – There is a new update, check here 

Most important – if you will be coming to visit us, please book direct on our website or just send us
an email. Booking.com, Hostelworld etc charge between 18% and 30% commission. Instead of
massive commission to them, please book direct and let us use the money to give jobs to local
Ecuadorians who have suffered tremendously from this crisis – We guarantee the best price thank you(:

The Secret Garden complies with all relevant covid-19 requirements and has been approved to
remain open. We currently have approx. 8 to 10 guests/night and expect this number to continue
increasing. We have a large hostel and to enable social distancing we will ensure that the hostel is
never more than 30% full (approx. 60 guests). Dorm guests will be separated as much as possible
throughout our 13 dorms, again with max 30% occupancy in each dorm.

Ecuador continues to relax the various covid restrictions and we expect this will continue. Currently
all foreigners arriving into Ecuador must complete a period of self-isolation at a hostal/hotel of their
choice and at their cost. This was strictly enforced with police supervisors at the door of each hostel,
but this has now been relaxed. There is no more police supervision, but guests are expected to stay
in their rooms for the duration of their quarantine. However… we are not guards, and we cannot
stop quarantine guests from leaving their rooms and going to our terrace common areas or even
leaving the hostel for short periods. We understand that most quarantine guests come from
countries with similar or even lower levels of covid than Ecuador, and therefore are probably even
less likely to have the virus than our non-quarantine guests. However, everyone feels differently
about the risks of this virus, and therefore we expect all guests to respect the various personal
hygiene protocols and to allow fellow guests to practice whatever level of social distancing they

The standard quarantine period is 14 days, but this can be reduced to 7 days if you take a covid test
and get a negative result. You can take the test after you’ve been here for about 5 days. It will cost
you approx. $60 to $90.

Quarantine must be completed in a private room with a private bathroom. We charge $25 per
person/night incl all meals. For this deal, you must book direct.

As always, our food is tasty and healthy, with plenty of fruit and veg. Portions are ample and we
cater to vegetarians, vegans and any allergies. We can also serve extras such as snacks, alcohol, great coffees etc, all at reasonable prices.

We’ll update this page when we hear of any changes. And please don’t hesitate to drop us an email
if you have further questions or need to clarify any details – hola@secretgardenquito.com
The Secret Garden Cotopaxi is also open and whilst things are still a bit quiet we are offering some
great long stay discounts. Eg 7 nights in a dorm incl all meals, snacks, tea, coffee etc and some free
tours from $140, incl tax.

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